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Sew Fun has carried Janome sewing machine, embrodery machine and sergers since we opened our store in 1996. We know the machine inside and out. We don't sell you a box and a prayer. We show you how the machine works when you buy the machine from us. We show you the right needles, walking feet, bobbins and other parts and accessories to make your machine work right without frustrations. If you buy any sewing machine at a big box store or online who do you call with a question or problem? The staff at Sew Fun can answer those question. We have 17 years experience servicing all Janome sewing machines.
Janome America' sell some of their machines to brokers and dealer that can be sold "online models" (usually the low end models or discontinued models). Most of models can only be purchased through a Authorized Janome deal. The Janome models below can only be purchased at a authorithed dealer. We believe Sew Fun is the right place to purchase you next Sewing/Embrodery machine. We back up the machines we sell non presser sales, Trained staff to train you and help you with question and authorized Janome training for all your service needs.

Sew Fun will have the best price on all Authorized store dealer models.

Sew Fun will not be under sold by any Authorized dealer in the United States *

See store for details and exclusions

Janome 15000

Janome 12000

Janome 1100D Serger

Janome 11000

Janome MB 4

Janome 7034D Serger

Janome 300E

Janome 350E

Janome 8900