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Servicing your sewing machine.

Advice and help for self cleaning your sewing machine.

  • First don't be afraid to work on your sewing machine.
  • Open the top and bottom cover of your machine. Some models like the jem this is not possible.
  • Remove the needle and cover plate
  • Clean it out your machine by using a 'air in a can' to blow it out. Some times a vacuum cleaner is helpful too.
  • Use some needle nose plyers and/or a small screw driver to get some debree.
  • Use some high quality oil (not WD40 or 3 in one oil) and oil all the moving parts. Don't need to over oil it, the oil is a magnet to dirt and threads.
  • Manually sew. Look for more threads and debree. Look and hear for any problems.
  • Some gear point need high quality 'white grease' (Do not use the spray grease) Here again don't over grease it.
  • At this point, put the top and bottom cover back on. Put the needle plate back on. Install a fresh needle.
  • Once everything is put back together, plug the sewing machine in and sew with a scrap piece of fabric.
  • A few don'ts....

  • Don't remove the front or back cover of the machine. Most sewing machines have plastic tabs or hooks to hold the back and the front cover together. These tabs can break off very easily and the covers will not close together very well. Also most front covers have the small wires attached to it.
  • Don't adjust the timing screws or any other screws that are on the inside of the machine.

I hope this helps you do some basic cleaning and oiling of your sewing machine.
Its a good idea to have a trained sewing machine service person give a 100% service of your machine to prevent and /or fix most problems. Sew Fun has the trained techs to help you with that.